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Testimonials: Clients


Scott Noakes, CEO

Jenny manages to get our content right first time. I have never had to make any copy changes or suggestions on anything she has produced. She also manages to get our interviewees to regurgitate our messaging verbatim. It is almost like they’ve been brainwashed!
Previously all attempts at outsourcing such things have met with disaster. I always take a deep breath before trying again, results are usually so random but our experience with Jenny has been fantastic. My entire involvement is providing an email introduction to the case study client and that is it.
If you have the need for external copywriting I’d thoroughly recommend you give her a try, you won’t be disappointed.


Greg Wichman, Project Director

I am not a writer.  I failed School Cert English and University Entrance English. However my role  requires me to produce quarterly  articles that are colourful, interesting and enticing to read for a major construction company. I use Jenny from the The Writing Room. The results exceed expectations to the degree that I have been put up for the company’s Writer’s Award three times in a row. She is ‘construction’ friendly and works well with our workforce during her research stage.  She is also very deadline focused and always early. If you ask me, use a professional. Thanks Jenny.


Jonathan  Hardie-Neil,  Managing Director

Jenny has been working with us for the last two years on all aspects of our company’s online marketing. This includes our web design and SEO, but also creating white papers and case studies for our new products and services and designing and sending out newsletters and facebook updates.
Her ideas are creative and original and her professionalism and focus is inspiring.  Her depth of experience on both sides of the fence and understanding of AV and ICT equipment (as a buyer and seller) means she writes powerful, easy to understand plain English explanations and information for any audience and her assistance over the years has been invaluable.


Andrew Balfour, Managing Director

The webinars were well attended and we monitored interest throughout the session and it remained high. Most importantly it provided supported evidence for our sales process that schools needed that final bit of information to convince them to act. We are using The Writing Room to script more information webinars which we will run throughout the year. With a background in education, training and sales, Jenny just gets it and I can leave her to it.


Rachael Laver, Economic Development Officer

Jenny Barrett assisted Waitomo District Council with the preparation and writing of an economic development discussion paper and a District profile. Jenny’s assistance in this project has been invaluable in both the quality of writing and timeliness of meeting deadlines.
Jenny has the ability to pull together large amounts of information into very well presented and professionally written documents.  
We were very impressed with Jenny’s ability to meet all the time frames set out in the initial planning phases.  Consequently we were able to deliver the discussion document to the scheduled Council meeting.
Thank you for all your help Jenny.


Rebekah Mucci, Director

Jenny brings her real-life classroom experience and wisdom to the job.  She is able to craft the message and tangible points that teachers, principals, administration and parents alike will want to see.  All this while relating to the students in a way that inspires!  It’s been a real joy working with Jenny as she brings solutions into practice for all things learning!


Garry Leet, Managing Director

Jenny has written scores of grant applications on a range of products for us to give out not only to schools but to other community organisations. Huge numbers of our customers have been able to purchase our products after successfully receiving charitable funding on the strength of these templates.


Lael Read, Sales Executive

Jenny has written some outstanding content for Sony during our time working together. We are happy to leave Jenny to it, as she has the contacts and knows exactly how to explain the benefits to the decision makers in an informative and engaging style.


Karen Boyes, CEO

Jenny Barrett has been a valued contributor to the Teachers Matter Magazine for the past 7 years. She has written informative articles about technology in the classroom, with practical ideas for teachers to use and implement immediately. Jenny sources great ideas from the hundreds of classrooms she has worked in, and along with her own vast knowledge is a highly valued contributor.

Contact me today to see how I can help with your copywriting needs.

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